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      Hello my dudes in going to release a modpack with some crasy a** mods but i first want to know if these mods sound good:
      My experimental grapple mod,
      Basicly if you attach an object like car to world or other object this happens:
      On world the car gets flinged away or it smashes into the ground
      If you tether two objects(not cars or vehicles but like barrels and cardoors!) they also will be flinged but the connection between eachoter will NOT break unless you untether.
      Grappling while parachuted makes you go speedy forwards.

      Crazy weapon mod:
      Shooting object makes object fly.
      Free market
      Nospread + norecoil
      No vibrate
      20(or some) bullets
      100 damage (shotgun does 0 to mutilate npcs)
      Inf ammo(idk if correct)
      Infinite tether object range(infini grapple too if sure)
      And some more crasy shit.
      And because im starting to mod ALL veicles and make them unstoppable bags of concrete it will take long before i get shit released.

      +nice heatspawn
      +edited chaos
      +godmode + experimental noflinch( no explosion reaction)
      +nice skins
      +vehicle skins o’ plenty
      +all dlc
      +dlc parachute with free op rocket jets

      Coming soon!

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