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      the inspiration:

      So yeah i was flying around for the first time and alla sudden i see it, there it is in the sky! A FUCKING AIRSHIP!!
      I SHAT BRIX! i had to have it.
      so i fly to it and i notice it’s a non movable nightclub in the sky (the mile high club)
      i was dissapointed that i couln’t jack it.

      Alos Final Fantasy 4

      The idea:

      well make an airship: a pirateboat (wooden) suspended in air by 1 or 2 zeppelinbaloons and propellors to create forward motion. controlable by the player.
      it could have a lot of stunt mode points so you can navigate around the ship (or even just walk on it if that’s possible.)

      cannons and/or bombs aboard for reigning death from the sky.

      player model: a dark knight, like cecil from FF4

      thinking big: a mod were airships of different sizes and shapes roam the skies (like in FF12) lots of air traffic, maybe even battles.

      i’d do it myself but i have zero modding experience and i’d think such a thing would be very hard, unless someone would tell me otherwise.

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