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      I’m trying to download a mod from your pages,
      The download link just takes me to the top of the page with this No script is running, no download is happening. Can’t figure out what the deal is here. I have no script blockers or anything else that would interfere. Doesn’t work on my other computers either. And you apparently have no site contact address?
      Help me out, here. I just want this one little file.

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      No answer to this?
      EDIT: I see what is happening, the code on that particular page is not redirecting to the file site.
      It would be helpful to have a clear link to a site admin contact address on each page, so that such problems can be reported. If there is such a link, I don’t see it.

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      Am having the same problem all of the sudden, was not an issue yesterday :/

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      Same here keeps taking me back to the main just cause 2 mod category list when I click the download button

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