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      I’ve played bullet force for several months and these are things I want to tell you. Just little things but newbie may want to know before starting. Have fun!
      In this browser game you will walk in the footsteps of a Mafia member. By showing your strength, earning respect, and rising in rank, you will slowly become renowned and feared in the world of the Mafia. Outsmart your fellow players and become the most powerful Mafiosi.
      In the beginning it will take some time getting used to. If you have little experience with similar games, you will need some time to learn the tricks of the trade. Don’t worry though, by just trying everything out you will quickly learn. Steal cars, commit (organized) crimes, gamble in the casino: after performing some of these activities, you will get a hang of the way crimes are integrated in this game.
      In this game a lot relies on your strength. Your rank in the memberlist depends on your strength. You possess attack and defense strength. Your attack strength is, as the name implies, important for attacking other players. Your defense strength plays a role in defending attacks from other players.
      You gain strength by purchasing things like weapons, vehicles, etc. You can also work out in the gym or the boxing club.
      Boxing strength is required to beat other players in the ring. Of course, your boxing strength is also part of your overall strength.
      Here is a list of all the possible ranks and their corresponding extra rights and possibilities.
      Earn real money
      There are many possibilities to make money.
      By attacking others you can earn extra cash. After a successful attack you get a percentage of the players pocketed cash. Your opponent will also lose health. There is, however, a maximum on the number of attacks you can launch. Per 24 hours, you can commit 25 attacks on your fellow players, and 10 attacks on the same person.
      The more bullets you fire, the higher your chances of success are. The opponent will also lose more health this way. There is no 100% guarantee that you will win. 1 thing is for sure though, the higher your strength and rank are, the more chance you have of winning .
      There are also drawbacks to an attack. Launching an attack will cost you some strength. Therefore, choose your victims carefully. If you lose an attack that you launched, you will lose health.
      Sometimes you will not be able to attack someone. This can be caused by the following things:
      – You are protected
      – Your victim is protected
      – Your victim is on vacation
      – You’ve already commit 25 attacks today, or you’ve already attacked this player 10 times
      – You are at work
      – You murdered someone in the last 2 hours, and therefore have to wait before attacking again
      Murder / death
      A possible outcome of an attack is death. If the health of your victim falls to 0, that means you killed them. Of course, this works both ways.
      If the murdered player had an active auction running, the auction will be terminated and the money returned to the highest bidder.
      If you die you will lose the following things:
      – All of your cash and bank account money (50% to the player noted in your testament, the remainder is for your murderer)
      – Objects in your possession (casinos, hospitals etc.)
      If you kill someone? You will receive your victim’s entire fortune. However, if the victim mentioned an beneficiary in his testament, that person will inherit 50% of the fortune.
      Tip: Store your money in the safe. Even in the event of your death, the money is always there. Credits and VIP-membership, won’t be lost in case you get murdered, so they remain in your possession
      While you are dead it’s not possible to continue normal active play. You can only log off, buy credits, or revive yourself in the exchange office. You can also choose to restart your game for free by using a full reset, but in that case you will lose everything and have to start over from the beginning. Once you’ve bought a revival you can resume playing.
      To keep it fun for everyone, you can’t just keep on murdering. After a murder, you must wait 2 hours before you can attack again.
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      Don’t worry though, by just trying everything out you will quickly learn.

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      Great because of the knowledge you share with us, I will always follow your blog and will share your blog with my friends
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