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    Rocket league is a cross-platform hybrid of vehicular mayhem and soccer. The game is simple: Two teams of rocket-powered cars trying to put a oversized ball into the goal. The mayhem and madness caused around the fairly simple rules of the game makes it very fun to play. The game is very welcoming to the new players considering the low skill ceiling and easy gameplay elements. The online competitive mode, the teamplay and the strategies also make it very interesting and attracting the old players for that one more match. There are online and offline matches and different game modes.
    There are 8 game modes available as of now:
    1.Dropshot                  2.Rumble                         3.Snowday                        4.Hoops  5.GhostHunt               6.Beachball                     7.Spike Rush                      8.Training
    All of the above game modes have different aesthetics but the basic idea remains same. The offline mode has a season mode where you decide the number of matches in the season and other things before starting the season. The AI that offline mode bots use is very formidable and fun to play against.
    The rocket-powered cars are known as “battle-cars” that can be obtained and customized by different ways. Ten battle-cars are available to all the players out of which are four are available by default and others can be obtained by playing and completing matches. These are of common rarity. The other rarities are:
    Import: can be acquired by opening  crates(dropped randomly at the end of online matches) by trade-in system.
    Limited: acquired by linking twitch prime account.
    Rocket Pass: acquired through the game’s battle pass(Rocket Pass).
    Premium: can be acquired by purchasing the related DLCs.
    The premium cars are a bit different mechanically, they are not of a significant impact in gameplay.
    The currency used in the game are “keys”. You can use keys to open crates, buy boxes and they most commonly used while making exchanges in trading.
    You can obtain the keys at end of online matches, but the chance of getting them is very minimal, instead you can get them by selling Rocket League items like RL wheels, Rocket League engine audios and Rocket League black market decals, trading or if someone donates it to you.
    Considering the all the seasonal events, immersive gameplay, low skill ceiling and a huge community, this surely is a game that everyone should try atleast once.

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