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      O i c nevermind that Last pm lol
      I checked my pm before the forum

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      can you make a mod with it to swim faster?

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      About the adding weapons part. How does that work? Does it just stick a Black Market vehicle weapon to the roof, or could one add a specific weapon to a specific part of a vehicle?

      • For example, could I remove the gun from the turret of the 8-wheel APC and replace it with a single barrel flak cannon? Or if I can’t remove the existing gun from the turret, could I put the large flak gun to the same spot, so the small gun wouldn’t be visible?
      • What if I wanted to add like 4 SAM launchers to an ATV, but not generically to the roof? Instead to the sides, so the missile containers would form walls.
      • Just how many weapons could I add to the same vehicle? What if I added so many weapons to the barge that the weapons would completely cover the vehicle in a thick layer?

      That last point got me the most awesome idea ever. If implemented correctly, it could be a new era in vehicle moding. I’ll make a new thread for it at the mod ideas forum.

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      So how long do you think the mod will take to complete? A month? 3 months? More?

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      SmartassNoob wrote:
      So how long do you think the mod will take to complete? A month? 3 months? More?

      As far as I know, automod went back to the grave again.

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      Yes it has…

      As I (Dylan’s C-Worker) has stopped modding, and he has other things he is working on.

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