any way to turn the water blood red?

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      i just used the Blood Red Sky mod, and it looks so epic, only problem is that it contrasts too much with the blue waters… any way to turn the waters red somehow?

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      sure. maybe i will make a blood red water mod real quick for yea.

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      is it just a texture change? or does it involve more variables?

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      yea i just tried, it involves more variables, lol.

      basically the waters gonna reflect the environment map, and since that would involve changing at least the sky color and sun color your gonna have to have a red world in order to get red water.

      i could change the environment cube but im pretty sure that will also make the atmosphere red.

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      I don’t CARE!!! Make everything BLEED bloooooooood!

      seriously, i want to run around in hell.

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      haha, i tried this mod last night and i agree, its really cool looking, but the blue horizon kills the immersion abit, but man it looks awesome in certain areas, especially when it gets darker.

      i think that there are some weather mods coming soon with the new bolopatch, check these vids out

      so its with a combination of this type of thing im sure you will be able to get the effect you want

Viewing 6 reply threads
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