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      This is new blackmarket with all pics

      Hey people, I have added pictures of planes, boats and choppers to the already existing agency vehicles and pictures by polimerjones. I hope you like them cause it took quite awhile.

      Here is download of RAR just extract into dropzone folder and overright all includes blackmarket.bin and .dds files

      Download Here
      Or Here

      credits go to: Maxovitsj (main concept + coding), polimerjones (pictures + picture concept) azam8 added pictures of planes, choppers and boats

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      Thanks a lot for the pictures. The one I’m currently using doesn’t have any so this will be a really good guidance measure.

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      yeah i just got this of the official forum’s, anyway its a REALLY usefull and fun mod :cheer:

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      This doesn’t work :( I put the files in dropzone, no luck. archives win_32, no luck. I don’t know what the problem is, please help :(

Viewing 3 reply threads
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