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      Whenever I go into a town I always like to get 100% in it. The problem is, this usually involves searching for one tiny little crate among a giant city. I’d like a mod that puts the spots of all the crates on the map and minimap so it’s easier to find them.

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      That would be awesome. hate to search for tiny things :)

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      i think its easyer to make the arrows better

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      I can’t believe that this hasn’t been done yet, it’s easily the most annoying thing in JC2, that and not being able to plant charges on helicopters

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      Syko vamp

      i agree those crates can be hard to find but i guess the game makers wanted us to have a challenge and screw them bring on the location mod

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      there is a tool for this in the tool/utility section.

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      The crates are not the biggest problem. For those, like me, who want to complete the game 100%, the Faction Items are the bigger problem.

      A mod which shows crates would be awesome, but a mod, which shows crates and faction items (like Black Boxes) would be more awesome. ^^

      I have JustCause2 MapViewer, but it’s annoying to switch between JC2 and the MapViewer.

      I like to see a mod, where the Ressource Item Indicator shows not only Ressource Items but also Faction Items.

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      Urm… The faction items ARE on the map. The luminescent blue dots?

      And for everything else; there’s this –

      Load up your save game onto it and it shows you ALL items AND destructibles you have left to complete.

      EDIT: Did you just edit that post? ^^^ lol

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      Yes i edited that post ^^

      Are there really ALL faction items on the map? I think there just a few showing on the map, because when i looked into JC2MapViewer i think i saw more Faction Items, which were not on the Ingame-Map.

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      I’m pretty sure they’re all on the map yeah – I’ve collected all the faction items, and that was before I even downloaded the Map Viewer! Some of the blue dots are harder to see than others cause they’re in shallow water (so the blue blends in). If you look hard enough you’ll see all 300 blue dots though.

Viewing 11 reply threads
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