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      I was wondering if it would be possible to edit the traffic settings to make the roads and the skies busier. It’d be amusing to see really busy air traffic to the point you could see the paths the planes take. Plus I feel like the traffic on the ground is generally too low to be at all interesting. At the very least, the highways could use a good boost in traffic.

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      Since it’s a mod, and there are people with crazy gaming rigs out there, it’s possible and can be fun to have a more realistic population in the game.

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      The mod was made two days before you posted this. Do check through the mods to see what we have before posting requests.

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      I’ve been messing with increasing density in certain areas and population. Any increase raises the chances of a crash. I believe it is a limit of the engine, as my PC is only at about 20% usage while running heavy scenes with my updated “Can’t stop the Police”.

      Also, good looking out fox.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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