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    Hi all, uploaded a “small” mod for JC2 that I’ve been playing with while learning to mod the game. Originally started off as a compilation of sorts, then I started tweaking things, and this is the result of that experiment.
    Here’s a link to the upload:

    Just Cause 2 – ‘Ace Special’ Experimental/Compilation Mod (UPDATE: v77)

    Here’s the current readme with full notes (for Build 77):

    Just Cause 2 – “Ace Special” Custom test/compilation mod – FULL INSTALL.
    Credits/Thanks: Avalanche, Jusupov, mUGEN, voxbox, CoconutFred, Mandella, Capo, Prof Farnsworth, Technopath, hahahaha, mrtt, JustCause2 Mods, JC2-MP, and more!
    – This mod is also made for the current Steam version of Just Cause 2. Make sure you’re running the latest patch ( – OTHER VERSIONS CURRENTLY NOT SUPPORTED.
    – You need all purchased DLC, this mod combines various assets/effects and only includes the code changes. Backup your existing DLC folder.
    – If you’re running other mods, back up your existing dropzone folder.
    – It’s best to start with a clean (EMPTY) dropzone folder.
    – unpack this 7z to your Just Cause 2 directory, dropzone, and modified DLC files are included.
    – Can be used with existing game saves, or with new game for the “full effect”.
    *NEW (build77 11282016)*
    -The additional fights respawn (the 30 enemy groups, and old invalidnick fights)
    -The additional enemy fighters also emit smoke, exactly like the smoke monster guy (same code/fx).
    -Added more fights to salad island and hantau island.
    -Added few more stashes all over Panau.
    -Added some random vehicle spawns all ove Panau.
    -Panay’s RocketLauncher (1 @ hantau), extra Bubble Blasters (1 @ pie), and DLC para-thrusters (north salad island) spawn in-game.
    -Oh yeah, n about 66 different locations, sabatoge items will respawn: gas pumps/stations/silos/tanks, cranes, wind turbines, etc..
    – Included all files for full install (zxz’s blackmarket mod components, and modded DLC files for ez install).
    – TEST: more “Colonel Invalidnick” battles across Panau
    – TEST: G9 should be a little bit faster
    – TEST: Faction collectibles should ONLY show up on the minimap – Happy hunting.
    – Moar bugfixes (positioning new spawns). Stable release.
    – TEST: The Colonel Invalidnicks on salad island should respawn on reload, also try ones you haven’t taken out yet normally and see if they reload.
    – TEST: tweaked the stash near the 100% items to spawn from further distances.
    – TEST: hunt for “unused” payouts for various things. Check your $$$ count, some previously unused payouts have been given values for testing. Ranging from $1-9 and $711, please document what happened (estimated) to trigger those payouts. See missiondata.bin(xml) for information on what unused payouts were assigned what $ ammount.
    -Not really a bug, but be careful using the Sniper in the “White Tiger” mission – shoot the target in the back to avoid extra splash damage (or… use another weapon??).
    -Also not really a bug, but in the Space Rocket Ular mission – the Leopard has (Simulated) “VTOL” mod so go easy on throttle untill you have an opening.
    -In the blackmarket, only upgrade weapons and vehicles. Don’t bother upgrading anything besides those in the ZXZ blackmarket mod, they will eat resource items.
    -Friendly ai (from Blackmarket) may stop following you or get stuck, go near them and they should start following again (as best they can).
    -Possibly more, the game has played fine on my rig. YMMV.
    -Added various world mods from Jusupov:
    -Jusupov’s 100% items and cache to X:18111,Y:15326
    -Jusupov cache modded to spawn DLC + other items (also increased spawn range).
    -Added Jusupov’s Bering spawn at their respective airports (+spawn range).
    -Added a partially submerged, respawnable, Space Rocket somewhere in the southern seas.
    -Added another U1 Submarine in the oceans. Hint: just past a skull, for now.
    -Added another U1 Submarine lost in the oceans somewhere.
    -Populated “Salad Island” with goodies, and a trap or two, or thirty…
    -DLC weapons added: All, scattered.
    -Bonus “crated” explosive weapon stash added, should stick out.
    -3 vehicles, enough to check the place out and then escape, hopefully.
    -2 “Easter Eggs” from former JC2 missions (more like things to blow up lol)
    -Enemies added, should be enough to have some fun while hunting, tread lightly.
    -Awesomeface sun, Rageface moon, 8-bit coin-stars, Me Gusta challenge flag.
    -Modified clouds, used paint.net and distortion blending w/ DXT5 alpha compression.
    -Tweaked weather settings somewhat, (weathersettings.bin)
    -Tweaked terrain/grass to be more varied in different areas.
    -Changed weapon glows for pickups similar to borderlands legendary for fun.
    -Resource pickups are “pearlescent” (actually Android Holo Blue) and VERY bright.
    -Faction pickups are color coded to the Faction
    -Red – Reapers
    -Blue – Roaches
    -Yellow – Ulars
    -Resource/Faction pickups: Increased their outline glow so the further they are, the larger the glow, as far as they initially spawn.
    -Quick Time Event timer incresed per difficulty, make things a little easier.
    -Easy mode = 25seconds (vs 8)
    -Hardcore mode = 15seconds (vs 4.5 seconds)
    -Payouts for taking over settlements have increased (small/med/large).
    -Payouts for taking over Oil Platforms increased. (more incentive)
    -Payouts for sabatoges objects have been increased. (definitely more incentive, besides the boom)
    -Payouts for killing Ninjas, Bomb Specialists, Colonel Guards, Elites.
    -Payouts for destroying *some* military vehicles (some, jeep and choppers) increased.
    -Increased bonus for taking out a Colonel (for, your troubles..)
    -Faction item payout increased (eventually crack Cash Stash value)
    -Faction Mission payout increased (for easy money)
    -Stronghold Payouts increased (relative to settlement size/area)
    -Chaos recieved is still the same (for original Blackmarket/Mission unlock)
    -Ludicrous Payouts for races/challenges (for now).
    -Mod combines some aspects of crazy civilian a.i. for the civilian driving insanity (land vehicles)
    -Killing Ninjas, Bomb-specialists, Shielders reward some chaos and money for your troubles.
    -Faction relations:
    -Rebel factions are friendly with eachother (stock, vs previous).
    -Corrupt Military is at war with the civilians.
    -Civilians drive as crazy as possible (CCAI).
    -Added custom heatspawn.bin:
    -More variation of vehicles, more units overall.
    -TEST: spawnsettings.bin test “unused/rare” templates used on various vehicles.
    -Government uses Motorcycles (from Military Upgrade Pack, and less of them) for lower heatlevels
    -Government choppers may show up outside bases more, higher levels use “Dome” variant.
    -Buggy, government uses only mounted guns at higher heat levels, factions always equip them when in use.
    -Factions spawn quicker
    -TEST: Factions may show up in a friendly armed Rowlinson K22.
    -Ulars use Upgraded Hedge Wildchilds and Street Bikes (600) and fast Buggies.
    -Roaches use Wildforce Jeeps, police-style quads and (more) Sea-presence.
    -Reapers, they use Storms, MZ 250’s and more armored offensive vehicles.
    -Implemented ZXZ’s Blackmarket mod with Weather Control.
    -Blackmarket prices are reduced/altered from normal game.
    -All items unlock via chaos, including the zxz debug/weather control items. Unlocks up to about 1.4mil chaos points.
    -Same resource price for upgrades, as there are plenty of resource items in-game.
    -TEST: added “missing” vehicle upgrades stats, put those vehicle parts to use! (hopefully, or atleast visually :P)
    -Modified Blackmarket cutscenes to only use the “Sloth Demon” vs anything other persona later on (still skipable).
    -Added spawnable friendlies (based off CoconutFred’s armyondemand framework)
    -Max friendlies seems to be about 30 currently, new ones will replace any that are terminated.
    -Increased follow priority, hopefully they get stuck much much less.
    -Groups spawn 1 at a time (for now). Keep moving so they walk towards you and spawn the next
    group member in line. Eventually they’ll spawn like the group with General all at once.
    -1x random type for each faction (first friendly unlock)
    -3x mixed group for each faction (good for 4 seat vehicles)
    -5x mixed group for each faction
    -3x elite group for each faction
    -5x elite group for each faction
    -10x elite group for each faction (allows players to have 3 sets of factions or 30 max)
    -ALL: weapons mag size adjusted (slightly around stock)
    -ALL: max magazines held increased all around
    -BULLETS: chance to pierce bodies and *some* materials (TESTME)
    -Increased ZOOM focusing, now you should be able to see more clearer through scopes/zooming.
    -Also clear-er layout for Sniper scope.
    -Added “smoking barrel” effects to most muzzleflashes (pistols, smg, lmg/rifles)
    -Larg bullets/flak/explosives can burn the surroundings (no fire damage, yet).
    -Beretta – fully auto, slight stability increase per-level, small ricochet chance, smaller mag size
    -Revolver – more knockback, increased fire rate + stability. similar revolvers of old.
    -Sawedoff – wider spread, more pellets, more knockback, still low/short range, stats modeled after a “legendary supershotgun”.
    -Pump Shotgun – short-range explosive shot in a semi-tight spread.
    -SMG – upgraded fire rate, 4x per trigger pull, adjusted damage – mini bullethose.
    -Assault – scoped, more accurate/range/stability, similar to old bullseye ar (but fully auto.).
    -LMG – more kickback/max damage, slightly less accurate, larger mag size
    -Minigun – more bullets/slight ricochet chance.
    -Sniper – explosive shell, splash damage. extremely accurate, slower reload. Good vs armored vehicles/enemies.
    -Rocketlauncher – more range, zoomable scope, higher max damage
    -Panay Rocketlauncher – cluster bomb, medium range, very slow reload.
    -Hand Grenades – increased throw range, base/max damage, first unlock @ 20k chaos.
    -Grenade launcher – still 1hand, more range, slightly slower reload, slightly higher max damage
    -Cluster Launcher – slightly slower fire rate and relaoad, good coverage, green skull camo skin
    -Signature Gun – Flak hand-cannon – very deadly at close/medium range.
    -Multi Lock Launcher – many more locks – more than you’ll probably need, faster shots, skull camo skin.
    -Quad Launcher – Based on laser airstrike from 3 kings boss fight. skull camo skin.
    -Bullseye – scaled down portable Flak Cannon. Reskinned for lulz.
    -Triggered C4 – Large explosion w/ MHC shockwave.
    -Grapple – 3x speed/ 1.75x range, 2x damage tazer whip, 3x knockback, 2x “yoke” (pull) speed
    -Airzooka – based on Dubstep Gun sfx, reworked power/range, reskinned “stickerbomb”, and lightning.
    -Bubble Blaster – Short-range physics/airzooka gun. With bubbles, and lightning.
    -All weapons named after JC1 counterparts (altered)
    Beretta = Moretti P.99
    Revolver = Holdt Pitbull R5
    Sawedoff = Darwin 69 Sawedoff
    Pump Shotgun = Moretti CCW Imperial
    SMG = Aviv Anarchy SMG4
    Assault = Haswell Gen3 Vindicator
    LMG = Adler FF M-77
    Sniper = Barclay ‘Harkonnen’ Phantom-X
    Grenade Launcher = Mako Hammerhead Mk2
    Cluster Bomb Launcher = Mako Hammerhead Mk3c
    RocketLauncher = Mako Orca Mk2
    PanayRL = Mako Stingray Mk1
    Quad RL = NLA-X Proton Cannon (aka: “Ninja Laser Airstrike”)
    Bubblegun = Happy Bubble Blaster
    Airzooka = Dubstep Cannon
    Multilock RL = Multilock RL
    Signature Gun = Holdt ARMS 13mm Jackal
    Autocannon = ‘Harkonnen-II’ Autocannon
    -Almost all vehicles have a chance of spawning in-game (including dlc vehicles).
    -Different set of vehicles depending on location (weighted worldsim.bin)
    -Increased population rates for all vehicles and civilians (based on Traffic Control/CCAI mod, mostly rewritten/tweaked)
    -Most all vehicles available with reduced prices (somewhat affordable, lol).
    -Modified version of “Military Upgrade Pack” / “Extreme Heat v1” vehicles
    -smaller/lighter vehicles use HeavyMachineguns/MachinegunLAVE vs MiniGuns
    -also repacked missing rbm models. (should fix disapearing wheels)
    -Tweaked handling vars somewhat for more control offroad, torque increase.
    -All off-road/mils-pec jeeps are FULLY awd/4wd.
    -Resized “broken_radius” for wheels with Monster Truck tires equipped.
    -Re-adjusted the tire location on most vehicles (no tires through door/fenders/hood). Some trucks/cars get “staggered” wheels.
    -Some Military-only vehicles get “black logo” tires aka: debadged.
    -Added Military “Diesel Truck” mod to the mix, good power – upgraded armor slightly, NOT invulnerable.
    -Added Military “Diesel Super Truck” mod to the mix also – still champ of power trucks.
    -Modified Chevalier “EyeScream” Truck, makes a nice, fun, battering ram – when the above 2 aren’t available.
    -Added Leopard VTOL mod (with Original JC2 skin).
    -Modified version of “Proper Sports Cars Pack”
    -Reskinned some vehicles with “carbon trim” (goofing/testing/learning Paint.net)
    -Metro ST has full AWD
    -Handling variables tweaked for more luid movement/controlability/maneuverability all-around.
    -Modified version of Bering Super C-130
    -normal health/armor (increased over normal – NOT invulnerable)
    -left the G9 Nose-mounted Autocannon (eventually will mount that on the side)
    -Modified version of weaponized Peek Dogfighter, swapped miniguns for HeavyMachineguns/LMG.
    -Modified version of H-62 Quapaw Hind
    -normal health/armor (increased stats over normal quapaw)
    -normal weapon loadout
    -2x rocket pods under the wings
    -1x flak cannon nose-mounted
    -fixed lift/takeoff, even works better landing/taking off on water!
    -Modified Monster Truck, swapped Grenade for Flak Cannon, added sport palette, torque increased.
    -Modified TukTuk BoomBoom, cluster launcher (similar to Panay’s RL new version). Nuff said.
    -Modified DLC chevalier classic, more colors (sport palette), slight bit more torque.
    -Nomad Helbringer RV, added “custom plate”.
    -Modified Hedge Wildchild, increased lift/travel for aggressive baha-style offroading.
    -Tracline type “atv/quad”
    -larger offroad tires and lift
    -should float on water like Monster Truck (no throttle/control, yet – still towable).
    -“Box” version is fun.
    -Blaine’s Hogg, offroad tires and slight lift w/ 4WD, very grippy and durable.
    -Menu Background based on “Blood-splattered Main Menu Mod”.
    -Skies based on Rico On Drugs sky gradient (added blur and hue shift towards gold)
    -Added Tropical Water texture pack, nice effect underwater and cloud skies (modified splash).
    -Tweaked misc effects in-game, cloudier vehicle burnouts, explosions should be louder from distances
    -Some (larger) explosions also have a Mile High Club “shockwave nova” effect
    -Some explosions can burn the ground (larger ones) for some time, depending on material.
    -Modified version of First Person LAVE (land vehicles) with Dashboard view.
    -Modified version of no-cac/free camera mod (stunt-camera still left intact, because dramatic).
    -Tweaked Blood/Gore effects, should be bloodier all around (without any framerate impact).
    -ADDED: new muzzleflashes (testing adding effects), sniper, pump shotgun, flak handcannon/rifles.
    -Included ASDF Chute (replaces Chaos chute). Equipped by default.
    -Para-thrusters increased power, still 3 second cooldown. Slightly reduced price, also equips ASDF/Chaos chute at purchase.
    -Altered creature spawning, look up (or down) once in a while.
    – Delete dropzone folder, restore your old dropzone if returning to another mod.
    – In your Steam client – run verify game cache to restore DLC.

    Here’s some random videos (recorded with Fraps) showing some of the changes:

    Here’s a direct dropbox download (same as the one I used for justcause2mods.com):
    Modders Notes:
    Hope you enjoy it, all .xml source is included – and the .bin files are not “locked” so feel free to poke around. I’ve commented wherever I could to note any changes/things worth looking at. I used Gibbed’s Toolkit r171 to compile these, works like a charm.
    Other (kinda-important) Notes:
    -This mod is only tested with the current ( Steam Version of Just Cause 2. Any other “releases” are not supported.
    -This mod should be installed by itself, as it already includes a lot of changes.
    -If running other mods, back them up. As mentioned before, its best to start fresh.
    -NOT GAURANTEED TO WORK WITH OTHER MODS, you have been warned.
    -Back up your DLC folder, or you can restore them using the “Verify Game Cache” procedure.
    -Steam Verify Game Cache (aka: return to “Stock”)- https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335

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    If anyone has any ideas for places to add things to, feel free to reply! I’m thinking of adding some more DLC weapons/items, more vehicle spawns, Colonel/enemy battles etc..

    Ideally, if you can, please provide one of the following: Map X/Y locations/Area name, and brief description of where. A screencap. Or, using JC2-MP – you can grab the XYZ locations with the XYZFinder script.

    Here’s some “helper” tips for finding the “new” additions (more to come, these ARE present/verified in current release).
    3 of 4 Cities in the main Capital.
    Near Pan Milsat
    Near Cape Carnival
    Abandoned Desert Military Base (8260/26740)
    Abandoned Desert Military Base (8300/28370)
    N/W Lost Island coast
    Salad Island
    North of Skull Island

    Possibilities for next version:
    Skull Island additions
    Lost Island additions
    MileHighClub additions

    UPDATE (Build 64b):
    -Fixed Bering Super-130 (Bering Xtreme mod) camera (added its own rear view setting, works as intended).
    -Fixed Bio-shaft explosions (fixed effect files).
    -Fixed (hopefully) Roaches going braindead on water (removed cutscene Template)
    -Tweaked menu background.
    TEST: Heatspawn faction helicopters, playing with int 64747C9E
    TEST: Extra knockback for some (larger) explosions

    Mod link (also updated in main submission):

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    Jeez. That looks awesome. ;)
    Good work!

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    Thanks! I was testing some new bits for Build 65, effects test for explosions. Prolly have it ready for later today.

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    Very nice mod, I appreciate all your hard work. I really have no idea how you edited the sounds like that? I suspect you were a dev who worked on the game lol

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      Thanks! I’ve been off the forums for a while. Started playing again and updated a
      few things in the compilation mod in case anyone wants to test stuff out (as well as
      fixed a few bugs that I noticed).
      -added some more enemy ambush spots on salad and hantau island
      -added some more enemy spawns on skull island
      -made additional enemy spawns respawn (bring your ammo and leveled up weapons)
      -beefed up additional boss colonel invalidnick fights.
      Also, if anyone’s reading this – I’m looking for random suggestions for areas to
      add more stuff to.
      -Areas that would make good enemy ambush spots.
      -Areas good for colonel boss fights.
      -Areas good for item stashes.
      Stuff I’ll Add/Update Next:
      -Few spots to add Sniper Rifle spawn(s)
      -Additional bubble blaster spawns
      -Additional Panay’s Rocket Launcher spawn somewhere in game
      -*maybe* dlc items in other parts of panau (suggestions welcome)
      -Add para-thruster to spawn in-game somewhere
      -Smoke Monster FX on additional enemy spawns (working)
      -Respawning gas pumps (in city area so far), when I test more. (working)
      -Try to get respawning cranes, chimneys and whatever else to stick.
      PS. I’m no dev who worked on the game (I wish, cool idea tho lol), just a
      guy who had some (read: lots of) time to rip this game apart, study the
      code and play around with settings lol. I had to find my old posts to give
      myself a refresher on where I left off with things, like riding a bike 😛

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