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      Hi I need some help. The Subject tells all. I have only 2 mods to work, and one was just a trainer which didn’t need to be put into the Drop Zone folder. The only mod that is working is the everything in black market mod. My game updated to 1.01 or whatever. Though all of my other mods do not work. I have a folder in my main Just Cause Folder named “Drop Zone.” I tried renaming it to “dropzone” though then even my black market mod wouldn’t even work. I just seriously want to play with all of the vehicle mods I just downloaded and this is getting on my nerves. Any help would be deeply appreciated. :)

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      You only need to create one folder named “dropzone” don’t rename it to anything else, it specifically has to be called “dropzone” then you simply download a mod and place it in that folder, all I can think of is maybe you’re trying to add two mods that use the same file (weapons.bin for example) which would mean that you need to combine them otherwise it will not work, only one of them would work like you mentioned that only the black market mod works.

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      Alright thank you very much. I will delete my whole misnamed Drop Zone folder and just make a new one called dropzone. Thanks ! :woohoo:

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      Keep up to you the full rights access to the dropzone folder.

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      Some mods you have to place in the archives_win32 (or something), like skins etc…

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