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      What we need is a “complete war mod” what is that?

      • More faction/military objects! such as flags.
      • Factions spawning more regularly with better weapons.
      • New factions maybe police and white tigers added to the fray.
      • Ability to take over territories for a specific faction even the military and re-take em for another faction.
      • Faction battles! More spawnable npcs in blackmarket.
      • Better dialogue for example when your in the military they don’t refer to you as citizen.
      • Recruitable soldiers to fight for you.
      • New weapons
      • New barracks and roadblocks in Panau for example an area which is experiencing fighting may be locked down by the military.
      • Large convoys of military and factions patrolling the streets.
      • Random events such as the need to defend a location from an attack.
      • Government planes and helicopters attacking factions.
      • Smarter AI that take cover, retreat and change stance.
      • Possibly the ability to declare ceasefires (stop the fighting for a period of time)
      • Fortified positions such as bunkers, hills, sandbags, barbed wire being utilized by factions and the military.
      • Making certain factions hostile towards certain factions.
      • Faction/military support such as calling artillery or airstrikes on a target.
      • More soldiers guarding bases.
      • No where is safe battles in the air land and sea.
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