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      helo to everybody
      i have a big problem, in jc2 i have in the whole game 95% and i musst take the rig “Pelantar Minyak Gerudi Besar” to go on, because i want 100% procent!!!! But i bombed all and i have catched all boxes!! there is nothing more but at the end i have 97% What can i do, are there any mods for “take a rig to 100%”??? or must i start the game once again
      i need heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp

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      I’m not sure of this, but I think there is a bug/glitch preventing people from getting 100%

      For a last resort, maybe you can do another thorough search for boxes, then put “Triggered Exploves V2” everywhere then detonate to make sure you destroyed everything.

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      Did you check your signal source detector for any boxes? And did you blow up the drilling tower and crane? The SAM site?

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