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Sorry for delay. Only recently had time to experiments on physics.
Spent a much much more time on these values.
And my opinion is – this is hopeless.

Let me explain.
Most of the values, like all of suspension parameters, wheel parameters, gravity, lift coefficient, etc are not that crucial.
Crucial values are:

This piece:
(only marked numbers)

And “InitialSlope” + “SlopeChangeX

So the first, 35 and 50. 35 is deegrees, and 50 is speed. Im not sure exactly how this speed is affect on steering, but it does much, and in rather magic way.
If leave these numbers, car will be drive ok at the low speed, but if you speed up a little, turn, and go into any slide, you can’t steer in opposite direction to the slide to get the car back on straight. Front wheels just stay on the straight position if you countersteer, they can’t turn outside the slide.

If you change it to 35 and 100 for example, you get the car just uncontrolable at the low speeds(it turns insanely fast), and at the hight speeds it also became very jerky, but now you can countersteer while sliding at the high speed, which is useless now.

So i thought maybe this “InitialSlope” “SlopeChangeX” can help.
InitialSlope by default is 0.75, i change it to 1.0. I think it affects on a steering at the low speed and little on the high too, higher number = better responding. 1.0 is max value i believe, more than 1 makes no difference.
SlopeChangeX im not sure, tried it 0.0 and 1.0, while InitialSlope is 1, and no difference to me.
It has effect on InitialSlope if it is not 1, but not sure which way, decreases or increases steering on the high speed.

Tried to combinate lots of different values, but cant get decent result, still crap

Maybe there is something in this file:
but it is impossible to extract.
also you can paste this string from the other car, it also has an effect.
actually 2 strings: