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I found out that the numbers for tire health and armor for wheels, will not affect resistance towards guns no matter how high numbers one tries.

I’m still confused how torque_max and torque_min work together, since the numbers are the exact opposites by default than one might expect, i did end up having a vehicle pulling like mad at higher RPM and weak at lower RPM, there is some sort of correlation but i do not know how it works, definately something like a power curve.

Inertiapitch, Inertiaroll, and inertiayaw are all what they say they are, reducing these will give you a less wobbly vehicle.

Liftcoefficient is the amount of “lift” your vehicle gets when it speeds up, this seems to be reversed by default, and downforce is obtained by a positive number.

There is surprisingly little information about physical modding of this game, considering it is not an indie game.

There are of course much more stuff to tweak, but i thought id post this since these numbers might be what people want to tweak before dwelling into more advanced stuff.