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D.O.M.I.N.A.T.O.R wrote:

Once you’r happy
with your work save both , v034_body_dif + v034_body_mpm as a .dds file with DXT1 Format.Once that is done drag the whole lave.v034_sport_buggy folder along with you edited files (inside) to gibbeds tool – Gibbed.Avalanche.SmallPack and it should create a file on your desktop called lave.v034_sport_buggy.sarc , Rename the end of the new file replacing .sarc to an .eez file. Finally drag that file to your dropzone folder.

Hello from this stage I can not do anything because of Gibbed.Avalanche.SmallPack.exe when I put the file
and and the program stopped working.
Please help me