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Whaaat, you don`t want Zombies in your Game?
Buddy, you`re in the wrong Thread. ;)
But I had an similar idea with that island
– but I thought that it would be more difficult to create an whole new island,
btw no one has done that before, too.:huh:
But if there would be such an island, it shall be a smaller one.But big enough for an special building: the Bio-Gas-Kind-of-tower.
You know, it looks like an cylindric rocket, but it is several levels beyond earth so there are just about 30 meters over the ground and when you go down, there is an console where you can destroy the whole thing and green mist appears and you run like “Oh my, I hope it doesn`t explodes while I`m down here” 😆 .
I know that one (?) surely was at the desert island.
After this explosion there are everywhere Zombies and, surely, the surviving fractions haet you and shoot you and the Zombies.How `bout that?:woohoo:
~ The Ferret