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Joe Gold

Might not be a great idea. Just Cause 2 isn’t built for hand-to-hand combat (maybe a Matrix/GTA game would fit better), it’s built for rampaging and exploding the shit out of everything. If you can’t make it go ‘BOOM!!!’, it ain’t fun. If you can’t explode dozens of people seven generations away in mere seconds, it ain’t fun. If you have to slumber around distinct jungles, ghostly villages and humanly deserted cities for hours on end only to be picked off by a bored sniper on top of some building or find out you’ve been rolled out into a 16-feet puddle of dry blood and crushed bones by the random SUV maniac, it sure as hell ain’t fun.

And yeah, THAT’S a lot of text. Still, no one here is a dyslectic 7-year-old, we can handle texts.

About the picture above – it’s awesome! Really, I love it. It’s as funny as it is creative and it’s obvious it took quite some time to make out. GJ!!
How about the animations and code though? I’m waiting eagerly to see it. Also, if you have the knowledge of putting it in-game, would you like to make a demonstration-video for us?