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Joe Gold

Come to think of it, we have the ninjas, panay, blaine, jap-zombies, Jade Tan (females zombies are a great thing) and maybe one of the factions? Or two?

Let’s call it a vote: How many factions should fight the zombie outbreak?
Options are:
1) Just the military and Rico
2) Military, Rico and the Reapers (they have armored trucks)
3) Military, Rico and Ulars/Roaches
4) Military, Rico and all factions to fight the zombies
5) Military, Rico and all factions, along SOME lightly-armed civilians at random spots

I, personally, vote for 5.

Other skins we can gladly use:
Razor of the Roaches
Bolo of the Reapers
The guy calling you ‘Serdadu’ all the time, of the Ulars
Ulars, Roaches and Reapers’s TECHNICIANS because their skins aren’t being used anyway

The more diversity, the better. I also think we should import zombie skins from Prototype, just like this guy did with the Alex Mercer skin for Rico. It should save us tons of work and let us focus on the AI.