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The main idea of getting a zombie npc to work with it’s ai is followed:

– Movement speed (slow speed, but can quickly dash if it’s target is close enough)
– Animations (walking, sprinting, melee attacking)
– Attacks (only melee attacks are involved, does heaps of damage)
– Faction related scripts (Can turn pedestrians into zombies? Heals if they kill a npc? All other factions prioritize zombies as the biggest threat?)
– Able to take bullets to the body, but dies easily with shots to the head.
– Can gib?

Say, what if you want pedestrians to do one of several things if they spot a zombie?

1) Cower in one spot.
2) Flee and scream.
3) If armed, fight zombie(s).

So what if they are inside a vehicle?

1) Get out of the car immediately, then do one of the top listed actions.
2) Speeds up and runs over the zombie, continuing to drive away.
3) Avoids zombies, and drives away.