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I actually started building a replica soundbank of music_common.fsb (this is where all the combat music is stored) back around September, but then I got distracted, started researching other things, and so my research in that area has stagnated. However, after reading these posts I’ve started up again, and here is what little I could contribute:

After extracting all the .wav files (or mp3 if cameltoe is right) onto my hdd, I noticed something really weird. The bit rate was supposedly 4322 kbps, or that’s what windows said, anyways (320kbps is supposed to be the max bitrate for mp3 format, according to wikipedia?). This is very different from the bit rate that cameltoe had. So the files were luckily sampled at 44.1 KHz, which is normal for music. So we can get bit depth by dividing bitrate by sample rate, right? So:
4334592 bits per second/44100 Samples per second (Hz)== ~98 bits. So we get roughly 98 bits for our bit depth, unless I’m doing something wrong, which I very well may be, since I only really learned how to calculate these things a few hours ago.

Anyway that’s what I found for the uncompressed files. For the compressed files, I used Aezay’s FSB Extractor (don’t get too excited, it extracts corrupted copies of what is in the JC2 fsb files) to find out what the stats for the compressed files were. Frequency is the same, obviously, but we see that the bits/sample ratio is 1.5. That’s 1.5 bits for every 1 sample. So what we can do now is multiply 44100 Hz by 1.5 and get the compressed bitrate. 44100*1.5==66150 bits. Take 66150 and divide it by 1024 and we get the compressed bitrate in KB. It comes out to ~64 bits, so the compressed bitrate should be about 64 bits. According to wikipedia this is a very low quality MP3 bitrate. So perhaps I’m doing something wrong, or the sound quality really is that bad in JC2? I think I may be doing something wrong.