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Prof_Farnsworth wrote:

Hi all, new mod for increased traffic in Panau.

Changes traffic patterns in the game world


-increased spawn rate and amount (more air traffic)

-all plane types spawn (except agency and dlc)

-altered speeds and height

Land Vehicles:

-Increased spawns (a little, too much crashes the engine)

-Increased draw distance (less pop-in)
-Added vehicles to road spawn ( firetruck, super large truck)


-Increased spawn rate and amount

-Increased spawn type amount (eg. the barge spawns more often)

As always, extract to “dropzone” folder.

To Do:

-increase speed of world vehicles

-update spawn patterns

A couple of notes. When I used this with “Can’t Stop the Police” v1.3, my game sometimes froze. I believe the engine could not handle all the spawns. This has been alleviated somewhat with version 1.0.

I will be releasing a new version of “Can’t Stop the Police” in the next couple of days.

Amount of spawns and draw distance are a tradeoff (especially for land vehicles). To have more spawns, the draw distance would need to be decreased (more pop-in). Let me know what you think, more vehicles or longer draw?

If you experience any bugs, please post as there are a lot of variables affecting this.

Traffic Control


Prof. Farnsworth

i think longer draw distance is more important than more spawns. just my thoughts of course.