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“itsmetriet 2010-08-01 19:47:33 Can you make it so that there are more planes in the air? And make like groups of Jets like on a mission or something, and make them be able to shoot back, so you can dogfight. If you do this, I will love you forever man. If you can that is. “

I read this on your Mod-page.
Now I don’t know whether you read the comments there or whether it’s been asked before, but this actually is a cool idea.

I’ve cruised around the game to find no bugs to my surprise, however…
I haven’t really encountered that many planes, I’ve seen a rise in plane spawns obviously, but not enough to make it convincing. There also seems to be a shortage of boats in smaller rivers (like the river running between the mountains). The seas however appear to be fine, any idea what’s causing this? Lack of space, perhaps?

I’ve enjoyed this so far, good work.