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I have no experience in any modding thingy,
But hope you can get this to work lol

I mean, heli+jets for air, Motobikes+cars+”tank” (hoping for a REAL tank) for land….boats..but no sub?? come on :D

A few questions (keep in mind, all of these ideas could be complete BS since I can’t mod -.-)
1. I was thinking, is there a way to limit the height at which helicopters can fly?
If so, use a helicopter as a sub
The shift/control would work great as rising/sinking

2. Hoping that someone can actually model a sub :P

3. Don’t heli/planes blow up when in water? If my 1st point had any value at all, maybe also change the armor to invincible since there aren’t any other subs to attack you anyways.