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Someone had to. Smugachute.jpg

God that looks terrible. The 3d shape makes it look like its crying. Now we just need the original file so we don’t have to have the DLC to do it ourselves (friend of mine sent me this after I sent him the faq, he got the chaos chute pre-order)


Sad news. We found the texture. I pulled it out. I modded it. It’s impossible to change at this point.

I read the tutorial and sent it to a friend, and he sent that picture and feedback. Replacing the texture required a full replacement of the original archive.

With DLC, it’s easy. The archive is relatively tiny.

So I went for it. Extracted the entire archive, changed things, and replaced it several ways. I completely replaced pc0, I added the entire pc0 saved folder to dropzone. I added general.blz (the file with the texture in it) to dropzone. I added just the texture to dropzone.

Replacing the archive crashes the game. Adding the BLZ crashes the game. Adding the entire saved folder for pc0 to the archive causes the game to spend twenty minutes generating an arc/tab for the files which ends up being almost twice as big as the original pc0, after which the game starts and immediately crashes.

Without a toolset that includes enough documentation to let us know what the 17k unknowns in the pc0 archive comes along, we’re probably fucked when it comes to adding anything new items and changing a shit ton of the things we’d love to get our hands on.

On the other hand, we’ll be able to mod the fuck out of whatever DLC we get our hands on in the future.