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Just tried out the modified Dalton. It is easier to drive and handles better than the default.

Steering is still touchy (a slight tap on A or D keyboard keys is a large change in direction), and suspension is “bouncy”. I think most of the vehicles in JC2 have far too much spring in their suspension. I don’t know if that is something you can alter without changing in-game physics.

Also, it took one hell of a beating in my test run. 6 rolls on it’s side through a grove of trees, and 4 more end over end over rocks on the side of the road. Then I ran it headfirst into the back of a trash truck at top speed. The chassis was beat up, but it still ran perfect, and wasn’t close to smoking yet. So the armor (health?) value might be a bit too high.

I will note that I could perform complex sideways driving stunts (drifting, etc), and recover control a lot easier than I could with the default Dalton. So the traction and resistance to tumbling is great.