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Hmmm, haven’t noticed any idle heli’s but on my game sometimes the jeeps idle and the gaurds will not attack you regardless of what you do to them. Of course when you shoot them, more come.

I haven’t seen them run out of spawns, however, I am on experienced, and frequently die at level 3.

I have been trying to do this since the start, and would appreciate anyone’s help. The faction vehicles are brutally slow as well.

If you can build up a level two heat, it should be pretty hard to lose the cops while riding a civi car. Also, I cannot get it to register heat when you blow a jeep up by popping the tire and flipping it. To extend the chase, blow a vehicle by shooting it directly with your gun now and then. Should piss them off enough to send more.

I am releasing a traffic mod soon, and hope to look at the heatspawn afterwards to work out these issues. Next update will include gaurds having the chance to spawn with rocket launchers.

Thanks for the feedback.