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StaplerPirate wrote:

There is nothing in the game that annoys me more then… sawed off shotguns

You are just having a cool fight and then suddenly… out of nowhere…. Someone decides to chop off 1/4 of your health in one shot.

My idea would be to replace 50% of these wankers with a bubble gun. Or at least have them in a clown suit.

The 50% thing may be hard to do but I think removing all of the sawed off shot gunners is abut silly.

If you don’t mind avoiding them yourself, you can edit the values for the shotgun down to nothing.

That’ll get you going, you’ve probably got at least one mod by now that does something to weapons.bin, so you can just sneak in and modify it yourself. Look for the shotgun damage value and make it one damage per bullet. You’ll still have plenty of fancy lightshow, but you’ll laugh it off like Last Action Hero. If not, drop a reply in that weapons thread and I’ll upload one for you.

Also, evade can help you avoid ridiculous amounts of damage.