Re: Re:Minor Suggestions


Sure, it won’t make that much difference I just overall think it would just slightly improve the layout and make things a little more organized and colour coded.

Why don’t you try and combine the two databases then? that way you’ll be able to make such a system easier. It was just an idea for the long run because I know some modding communities (gta for example) have literally thousands of files hosted and thousands of downloads so must be insane the amount of bandwidth and space it uses.

Well, the font looks a little fat and I just thought a font like on facepunch which is crisp and clean would look better overall. I made a quick little image showing it (here). You can clearly see that it’s pretty buldgy.

If you would like I don’t mind making these minor changes if you’re busy or working on something else, if I change anything I’d run it by you first but it’d be nice to make minor changes just to see if we can improve on these things and make the forum cleaner and simpler. I have vast experience in PHP and recently created a User System for a SA-MP server, getting results from MySQL databases etc so I’m pretty familiar with the whole database and such. Anyway, it’s just an idea.