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Community Spotlight – JC2-MP Team

21 May 2010 – 08.41am
Trix and Jax tell us all about their JC2 multiplayer mod
Hi guys, Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. First of all, can I get you to tell us a little bit about yourselves, your background in the mod scene and why you’re relevant to the Just Cause 2 community?


I started my interest in sandbox games way back with GTA 3: Liberty City, which led on to GTA: Vice City and then GTA: San Andreas. Naturally, I was interested in how the games were able to be manipulated and found myself contributing a small amount to the sa-mp project. When Just Cause 2 was released, it was like being taken back to one of the GTA franchise and how open the world was to the players imagination.


I started out with sandbox games playing GTA3, but didn’t actually start modding till GTA: Vice City, I started out by ripping apart the mission scripts and recoding them to make the game behave differently and took a keen interest in game modding from that point on. Over the last 5-6 years ( on and off ) I’ve had the privilege of working with Kye from the SA-MP project, firstly on VC-MP, then onto SA-MP.

What was it that drew you to Just Cause 2 and begin working on a multiplayer modification for the game?

Well, from the first moment we tried out the demo we pretty much knew we had to make multiplayer for this game, the great sense of freedom and the sheer size of the world, yet the level of detail crafted into every nook and cranny just made it something we had to do. That, and envisioning players driving around in packs with cannons mounted to whichever vehicle.

It sounds like an enormous amount of work, are you able to tell us where you are with the project currently?

Currently, the project is undergoing a re-write from the ground up based on the findings from the proof-of-concept videos we released recently. Once we have the fundamentals set in stone, work will continue on expanding the Vehicle/Player sync to an acceptable standard.

Eep! What have been the biggest challenges in making this work?

Familiarising ourselves with the engine has been rather time consuming, which involved a lot of sleepless nights and time. However, the end result of that work makes up for the time spent.

There’s been a lot of skepticism about the mod, have you anything you want to say to non-believers?

Doubt all they like, but soon enough, we’ll be gunning them down from improvised Bering [See Appendix A] gun-ships.

Have you created any other mods for Just Cause 2, or are you focused solely on multiplayer?

Initially it started out as a vehicle spawner, however that’s what led us onto the multi-player ambition.

Are we likely to see anything else from the team in the future?


Where can we find out more about the mod and its progress? Is there a website we should all be pointing our browsers to?

We have a highly trained monkey coding our website at the moment and if i might add it is looking quite nice. Currently points to our YouTube channel, however it will be redirected to the website when the design is finished.

We’ve currently also tried to keep information as easy to find and follow by:



Steam Group:

Thanks guys, we look forward to seeing the final project!