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Honestly, the best method I can think of is to do a proper update of the gibbed toolset. I’ve never had any of them throw out an error when used properly, and I didn’t make them so I don’t have any real troubleshooting ideas.

At the top of the page is a link to the faq for setting yourself up to easily update the toolset. Big bold red link paragraph. Click it, and follow those instructions very carefully.

They forget one step until the bottom, if you follow the steps exactly often you get a list of errors when you build the program. You need XNA game studio or what have you, the link to the download is at the very bottom of their OP. Get it and rebuild and you’ll have the full toolset. It works perfectly for me, if you can’t get it to work go


That IRC link often has gibbed and bolo hanging out, post up a question and if he’s online he’ll respond.