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Abram wrote:

Great topic, guy. Very helpful.

But I’m having no luck getting those.bin files converted. I found a “bin2xml” file pack, but it has no .exe files. I tried the JC2 modding tools pack, but when i run the bin2xml.exe, it jsut crashes without input.

unless someone wants to do me a solid and extened the grapple range by 50%…. that’s all i want.

In any case, kudos and karma to OP.

EDIT: oh, i jsut drag and drop the file to convert over teh actual converter .exe. Don’t i feel stupid.

EDIT 2: And now the archive viewer crashes and I am unable to extract the original .bin file.

Whoa is me.

If archive viewer crashes consider redownloading it.

Not my toolset so I don’t know what else to tell you with it.