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Hi there,
First, many thanks for this little mod. I’m sure it adds a lot of fun to the game. SOrry for sounding so noobish, but i really can’t get the damn game to run when the mod is installed (as you mentionned in the readme). the game’s process appears in the windows process dialog box a couple of seconds (around 17mb in RAM), then it just seems to close down. No gfx output on the screen whatsoever, no error popup of any kind, just plain silent. if I take out the 2 bin files from dropzone folder, the game runs with no trouble again.

I do run JC2 (not the steam version) with a cracked exe (before any flame come up : I bought the game, just can’t bare any of the damn DRMs & protections), so maybe this has to do with my problem. Any of you have JC2 with cracked exe & managing to run the game with this cute little mod ? (and i’m sure there are a bunch of people reading my message who have the same game setup I have, so please, no bullshit debate about piracy, it’s not my point, PLEASE).

Thx in advance for the help ! ;)

ps: apart from a “customized” exe file, the game data is vanilla. No other mod nor DLC stuff.