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I’m not sure of the specifics since I don’t have an xbox 360 myself, but I believe you need a JTagged Xbox 360 and Xexmenu. You have to use your computer to download the mods and move them to your xbox HDD or an external storage device. I’m not sure exactly how the process goes, though. You can find out more here:

However, I WOULD seriously recommend just getting a PC to play JC2. The mods are incredibly easy to download and install, plus if you continue to play JC2 on xbox, you’ll miss out on JC2-MP (the multiplayer mod), which is getting to be huge. The game’s only like $15 on steam, so it’s not like you’ll be busting the bank to get it (most new computers should be able to run JC2 on medium settings, so don’t worry about unplayability).