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nearly every value wich got a normal name and no hashname inside the handling parts
funy thing, the only part i did not figure out yet or dont tested enough is the speed thingy, could need some “in front” and ” after excample part of the script just containing the rpm torgue up/down shift points n stuff. would just add that to my handling mod aswell then.

about the values i changed…
AirDensity, AngularDamping, Boyancy, CollisionSpinDamping, CollisionSpinThreshold, Deadzone, ExtraGravity, LinearDamping, NormalClippingangle, NormalSpinDamping, Friction max_friction, slip_angle, viscosity, (antirollbar_strength, suspension: compression; legth; relaxation; strength, speed_forward, deform_scale, explosion armor, explosion_threshold, impact_armor, max_health, InertiaRoll, InertiaYaw, LiftCoefficent

will give a list with functions on the thread wich comes with my next car :)