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The Hedge Wildchild is allready under construction, also the marten storm III and the Hamaya Oldman. Cant say when i will release next car as not even the Dalton N90 really has his final version yet.
Just takin the Wildchild settings for another car would most likely waste its handling completly.You need different mass,center of mass, tyre radius, suspensions n i dunno what more, infact of different models.
Otherwise it would handle choppy or unsightly i think.

Cloudwolf is totally right, i personaly dislike the highspeed handling of the Dalton till now but ofc every change also effects the mid- and low- speed handling so i gotta tune that out.

I have to say im surprised and glad to see ppl like my mod that much just infact im not very used to modding, thanks guys!
Next Car will bring his own thread with it to get rid of this offtopic thingy here :)