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It is great, that there are so much settings, that we can modify. It seems that the game is not bad for modding.

Zenin wrote:

this will definatly be the most downloaded mod when its ready!

Thats true, one of the first things that you will hate in the game. ;) But it is not so easy to correct the vehicles so that the handling feels realistic. So i bet there will in the end not only one vehicle handling mod.

But the only thing what i hate at the vehicle handling are cars and some bikes, i like the handling of helicopters, planes and water vehicles. But most the helicopters (my most used vehicle). So i hope we have single handling mods for only cars and some for bikes.

I self looking for something that i can mod and the car handling is a interesting and complex (to get it more realistic) thing.

I think it is a nice idea to make a handling mod for real-life realistic and “hollywood” realistic handling. ;) For cars and bikes we need no chaotic mod, its chaotic enough without a mod. 😆