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Thanks, im planing to mod all land vehicles as long i can figure out how to edit the bike´s properly, but i think thats also just a question of testing, didnt started with bikes yet.

Also i still got little problems with “tuning” the cars as you have to take notice of rpm torgue up/down shift points and so on …. help would be apreciated!! :)

Well, for those who cant wait ^^ here´s my first beta of the Dalton N90.
Im still kinda unhappy with the steering on high speed as it could be a little more effectiv, suspension needs an overhaul and ya…the speed as soon i know how.

Credits to Nutcake who supports me as beta-tester :P

Copy the file to the folder /Dropzone inside ur Just Cause 2 folder, if it does not exist, create it !
i somehow failed at the file upload ^^