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Hey, im actually workin on a full vehicle list wich will just contain vehicle ingame display names, the .dds file names and the .eez file names.
So if you find a vehicle ingame u can easy check back the file names.

also i allready started modding vehicle handlings back some days and can probably give some noob-feedback:P

Boyancy = how much the car bounce´s off the ground(probably other cars too) on impacts

every kind of spin damping spin threshold determines the strength of damping spins in midair or while rolling over in diffrent ways

Extra gravity sucks ur car down to the surface its driving on, stops rolling over faster

every kind of inertia (pitch/roll/yaw) is setting the inertia the car got while changing his position on the pitch roll yaw axis´s. -1 for excample would accelerate spin movements untill the car explodes and fly up into the sky :P

liftcoefficent adds additional upforce to the car while jumping throu midair if im not wrong

on the side: if you get problems to handle your car on high speed without any arcade support(extra gravity, spin damping) play around with friction and max_friction and also notice the sexy little value called antirollbar_strength!!

little excample video about spindamping and extragravity values, if you got an eye for physics you will see the changes:

i allready got the Dalton N90 on a beta status and will upload it in some minutes to paste a link here.