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here we find some interesting things….

<value name="AirDensity” type=”float”>1.3
<value name="AngularDamping” type=”float”>0.05
<value name="Boyancy” type=”float”>2
<value name="CollisionSpinDamping” type=”float”>0.05
<value name="CollisionSpinThreshold” type=”float”>1.8
<value name="DeadZone” type=”float”>0
<value name="ExtraGravity” type=”float”>-2
<value name="InitialSlope” type=”float”>0.75
<value name="LinearDamping” type=”float”>0
<value name="MaxVelocityRatio” type=”float”>0
<value name="MinVelocityRatio” type=”float”>0
<value name="NormalClippingAngle” type=”float”>0.2
<value name="NormalSpinDamping

Just to mention a few of the settings you can fiddle with ;)

Think this is way over my head, before i know what they exactly do :huh: