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For tools like SmallUnpack, bin2XML, and XML2bin, you don’t just double-click on them, but rather you drag a file onto the .exe, and it works its magic to output another file in the same folder you dragged from.

For example, say you have the game’s weapons.bin on your desktop. To convert it to XML, open the folder that Gibbed.Avalanche.bin2xml.exe is in, then drag the weapons.bin onto Gibbed.Avalanche.bin2xml.exe. A command prompt should pop up for a split second, then close again, but you will notice that you now have a new file – weapons.xml – on your desktop!

Once you’ve modified the .xml to your heart’s content, simply drag it onto Gibbed.Avalanche.xml2bin.exe to make a usable weapons.bin that you can then drop in the dropzone.

Get it? Got it? Good!