Re: Re:How to mod vehicles


The file decides where random colors and set colors and decals are applied as far as I have found. Blue seems to be chosen from the vehicle paint database, whereas pink seems to be a set color or decal.

You do not need to overwrite the entire .mpm with your texture, else it will darken the texture, only the pink portions need to be overridden.

This is for vehicles with only one file. Multiple dif files (i.e. sedan) I have not gotten to work properly yet. Sometimes they show, other times they don’t.


Ex. In this image, I painted over the decal in the with the same pink that is used, then only showed the layers which covered the pink portions, and saved that as the The is saved with all layers (textures) shown.

I can upload a couple of images of the difference on the leaves if anyone would like. The red leaves on the bottom of the plane (cannot be seen well in this image) were almost brown when both layers were saved. The flag and color are still dark though, I am trying to fix that now.