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Here s some informations that i can give you, but Jusupov make a good tuto yet (see tutorial topic)

– You got to hexedit character_model.rbm to locate the parts in order to cut/copy/paste

– A part start with ” e^” (20 7F 65 5E) and finish by “‰” (89)

– Accessory model rbm files works as well and can be imported in a character_model.rbm

– In .rbm, you can find/change the names of textures files used for each parts but if you change them accordingly to yours, you have to keep a name with the same number of characters.

– Very important : The number of parts included in the model file is located at pos: “2dH” (row:3 col:d) and must be set accordingly if you add or remove some ( ex: 15 parts give “0F” )

– Editing textures, and in particular, giving transparency is a good way to prevent glitches or making invisible part, or part of part (!)

– GibbedModelViewer is very helpful to see which parts of model could be rip, and for preview of your model/texture without running the game.

I hope this can help.

–Remember that all of this could not be without the Gibbed and CJay works–

Sorry for bad spelling