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For wire strength, think in factors. Multiply by 10, multiply by 100. More than that is probably completely unneccesary, as I doubt anything in the game is going to exert 100x the physics forces that your wire can tolerate now.

As to multi-ropes, we can’d do that with grappleparams.bin so far as I know.

Bolo’s trick is essentially disabling the wire break mechanism. Notice that if you re-grapple it specifically breaks previous wires first, then you press it again to refire? Bolopatch edits the ram so that the grapple break command is never sent.

To change that on xbox you’d have to fully reprogram the grapple function to rebind break grapple to a separate button instead of the same thing as grapple. If you did that, you could probably have infinite grapple and the ability to break them as needed (because grapples unbroken in the world prevent you from climbing the way you’re supposed to)

At this point, we don’t know how to do that.