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right now the camera is on the roof because the inside of cars are not modeled, and truly we don’t even know if the windows in them are actually see through, that could just be a visual trick.

Also the view would be what like 70 percent blocked by the car? and do to the fact that you can rotate the camera, a full 360 i just don’t think it will work all that well man.

I will be trying to get the camera maybe to the front bumper, but realize in the video I do drive a bus at one point and yes, the camera is high, but that’s how it should be, realistic. not the same height for each vehicle.

As for adjusting views with the press of a button, that’s something that needs a patch to be able to do, as a trainer or something because there’s no way to just bind keys to change .bin files in real time. that’s a cheatengine, bolopatch kind of memory hack thing.

remember, this is a work in progress.