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yes it is possible to have first person for rico as well. Hopefully someone else may handle that task as for right now I’m so sick of editing Coordinates for the car mod I really don’t feel like doing it.

If anyone needs any info on what values do what though I shall explain.
cause there’s a few unknown in the cameras that i had to figure out in order to get things working.

As for placing the camera in other spots on the air vehicles, especially choppers. the placement of cameras directly coincides with the placement of the crosshair that being said. if the camera is pointed directly out from the front window/cockpit. then so is the crosshair.
think of it this way. there’s a camera, and there’s where the camera looks (the crosshair)

secondly. in order to get the camera close to the vehicle. the camera collision has to be turned off. meaning when you feel the need to rotate the view the camera will go right through things. which sucks because things start getting in your view. ie. the chopper your flying/rico/buildings/trees.