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mrvirginia wrote:

Balmung wrote:

No, we dont want use it as forum, we want to use it as chat, for short questions and discusses. Often a forum is not good for such discussions, because it need to much time for only a little specific question to get a answer when i have the right person in the shoutbox.

Ok, when it is so easy: can you explain us why the shoutbox work and we discuss there but the chatroom self is not really used often?

the chatroom doesn’t get used as much because people decide they don’t wanna just sit in there alone i think. it’s a mental thing.

And exactly thats why i say: disable Userlist, so that no one see if there is anyone online and so write something in the chat, that can read someone who joins shortly later. Thats no big different to the shoutbox before.

also, because the chat is separate from the forums, i think people just don’t wanna open a second tab or window or whatever just to keep an eye on the forums page as well as chat.

Yes, thats a problem. You can give the User a Option to blend in the Chat as a separate Frame, so they can browse the site in the second frame below. That where a opportunity.