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Type /help into the messagebox and you see, that you can all do with commands without the Userlist. That is no argument. Like i said: the Userlist let Users show how much people are there and that is not profitable for the chat.

At the Shoutbox we also dont know how many people are here at the moment an read along. When i switched shortly to the Mod Site and after 2 mins back at the Chat other read that i quit the chat and join it after 2 mins. Say i see, that at the moment is no one here, i left it directly and show back after 5 mins. Another Quit/Join Message stand in the Chat. There are more join/parts than any discussions. No other with the Userlist, where i appear and disappear.

We have no problems in the shoutbox, than we have there no join/part and userlist and it works. Why not also in the chat?

At the moment we have shoutbox and chat and that are definitely no solution.