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Zenin wrote:

balmung think of it this way, what if you all came to this site and there was no shoutbox or chatroom. what would have happened? (starting to wish i did this)

I dont know if i had started to make a mod when there was no shoutbox. I am not a User who like it to wait for every single answer of questions i had. At a forum often enough you ask for something and not really get directly that answer you need, because other Users comes and mean they can post here her “similar” questions too or no one answer. It motivate more when you can directly talk with other users.

A forum is a forum, best for longer discusses, but it is no chat, where you can easily ask things, which are not worthy to be posted to the forum. A forum is for questions, where discusses and/or different opinions makes sense or for need of a longer question/answer. Not really for two posting threads, the short question in the first and the short answer in the second posting. Thats are threads, that inundate forums and make it more difficult to find something and are better asked in a chat. Not all questions needs different opinions and/or discusses or long questions/answers.

And after all: it makes more fun, when you can directly discuss with others and like i said it motivates more. A forum is much lesser personally.